The Rifle Volunteers Beer

Goachers Brewery has been in operation in Maidstone since 1983. A family affair the Goachers family use traditional brewery methods that are being passed down through generations maintaining the integrity of Kentish Real Ale.

Real Mild (3.4% abv)

A full flavoured dark mild brewed with chochlate (black malts and hopped with Kent Fuzzles) originally produced to celebrate the brewerys 5th anniversary.

Fine Light (3.7% abv)

A pale amber light bitter with a rewarding floral hop chacter from the WGV and East Golding hops.

Gold Star (5.1% abv)

A true draught Pale Ale made with floor malted low colour Marts Otter malted barley and hopped with the finest East Kent aroma hops.

Imperial Crown Stout (4.5% abv)

Goachers version of the true bottled Irish Stout intended to replicate its flavour and character. Brewed with roasted barley and extremely high levels of Kent Fuzzles.

Best Dark Ale (4.1% abv)

A rich complex full bodied ale with proportions of crystal malt and East Kent Golding hops. This is the original Goachers Ale.